Why choose Us?

The Institution Provides Top Quality Training And Success Is Guaranteed.

Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing school is a private Independent nursing school and was accredited by the South African Nursing Council in 1997. Studying at our institution, guarantees you a high quality training, stimulation, intellectual challenges and a friendly environment, our goal is towards the fulfillment of our learners needs, aspirations and ambitions.

Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School students have a chance of being employed in both the public and private institutions as well as overseas. The institution  ( all Campuses) is housed in high profile buildings, all air conditioned, carpeted and with 24 hour security, which makes the institution a secure and dynamic environment for teaching and learning> Our campuses are accessible to public transport (buses, taxis and trains) which is of great convenience.

Our programmes comprise of theory and practicals.  Computers are accessible as one of the resources present in the institution.

Our classes are adequate and spacious. Our student intake is multiracial and students have an advantage of learning different cultures preparing them to understand the patients needs from different cultural perspectives.

We also have a resource centre with extensive facilities available; sit plays a vital role in facilitating, teaching, learning and research. The resource centre consists of newspaper, videos/dvds, books, televisions, overhead projectors, journals, and a clinical laboratory. We are extremely proud of our academic staff, as they highly qualified and have experience in the nursing field.

There is ongoing support and guidance for learners and where asocial need arises we interview, counsel and refer to the appropriate personnel outside the institution. The campuses compete with each other in games like soccer, volleyball etc.

One of the major highlights, is our graduation ceremony which is held at the prestigious Durban City Hall. This usually an exciting event for the parents, and the graduates and we usually invite high profile and prominent guests, such as a representative from the South African Nursing Council.

Our learners are placed in both public and private institutions for clinical experience which allows them to come into contact with potential employers which is very beneficial to the learners. The school is known to have excellent results. Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing school has grown tremendously and immeasurably since inception and we are continuously overflowing with applicants. Come and be part of us  so that we can guide you to a bright future.